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The happiest days of my life were the next 21 days. I spent those days nursing and хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs over my my beautiful litter and, though my bottom 2 teats were not yet producing, they were fully functional after my next farrowing the other 4 were more than sufficient for my beautiful brood to feed from.

I was sad when my owner took my brood from me. But, that хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs the nature of the breeding farm and I had a job to do. As she led me back to the pen when there sows and gilts were awaiting their next breedings, she told me not to worry.

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

That I had been registered with the state as a breeding sow and would be maintained solely to serve that purpose. At this rate, my offspring would start producing offspring in another year.

All while you are still producing pigs for this farm. What a legacy I was a creating! In 4 or 5 days, I would хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs into heat again. Since I was now a breeding so and no хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs a gilt, my heat would last longer and I would be bred at least 3 times each хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs to best ensure impregnation. She also increased my fertility drugs because she said 6 piglets was fine, but 10 was optimal.

That would be my goal. My second mating was to be with a boar named Chesty. If Chesty got number 87 pregnant, I would get another litter to farrow in a few months. That would be 2 matings and birthings in my first year. If not, we would try again each oestrus cycle I make money on the number of piglets we produce. More piglets, more money! This is your new life!

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

Each day, she sprayed all of us sows with boar urine to try to induce us to go into heat. Only 2 days later, my vulva became swollen and I had mucus discharging from my vagina. I lost my appetite, became very restless and urinated frequently. My mind could only focus on where the boars were, could I get to one and mate right now!

I needed to breed desperately. My mistress secured me in the transport хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs, backed the truck up to the pen and had to use the hoist to load the crate, with хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs in it, into the truck.

I started this adventure at lbs. I was now and growing!

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

And off we drove. I was going to be served to a new boar for breeding. A few weeks later, my mistress told me I had not entered oestrus.

He took some samples and listened to my belly. I was moved to a new pen where the pregnant sows and gilts were kept. We were told хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs eat up. I must have gained 70 pounds over the next few weeks. My mistress checked on us each day.

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

Once, one of the pregnant pigs appeared to go into distress. My mistress hurried he out of the pen. The rest of us in the pen became concerned. We never saw her again. As the days passed, my belly grew rapidly. A human gestates for хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs months. A pig for less than 4. I was rapidly gestating my brood. I also noticed some bumps below and in line with my breasts. These swelled as my 2 human breasts swelled. I could feel my breasts filling with milk and that wonderfully nutritious colostrum.

The new teats were хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs than my breasts but were growing nicely. As my pregnancy progressed, so did they. My piglets would soon suckle their meals from my teats.

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

I made sure I ate a lot so my milk would хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs my litter. I would ensure they ate very well and grew strong. After about days, I was swollen like a, well, like a sow.

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

My teats were bursting with milk and my belly had become enormous. I could feel my хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs moving around inside me and I had developed 4 new teats below my full breasts. I gave birth to 6 beautiful piglets 3 days later. This is the life I have committed to.

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

I want this life! I want to farrow over and over again and as often as possible! I think he really did a job on you! This was the pen where the sows waiting for breeding were kept. I was secured in a corner and my mistress picked up a device I had not seen before. I asked what it was. And we need to replace that dirty collar with a nose ring to lead you by. They are special and rule the sty.

Then do it хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs and again. Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs have to keep our non-productive days to a minimum. Non-productive days are money lost. And there is no sense wasting good sperm on a non-productive sow, so I hope you produce! My owner told me that sows хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs in the mud puddles and that would be how I would clean myself from now on. Besides, she said, you smell like a sow should now. Oh, my god, I thought. What have i gotten myself into?

I was getting to like the way I smelled and was very happy. I slept soundly that night. This was my purpose, now, and whatever fate had in store for me would be.

Хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs

I had gone through my 19 years without knowing my purpose. Now, I found it. I was to become a breeding sow, producing hundreds of pigs, for this farm for the rest of my productive life.

I hoped it would really happen! It was 5 or 6 days later, while I was resting in the hay, that I suddenly felt a movement in my lower belly and something firm pressing up against the inside of my vagina. I sat up and felt myself. Opening my labia, I felt something semi-solid inside my vagina, about the size and consistency of a soft boiled egg, and I helped it come out. I was a little sad when I lost his semen. I was in bliss!! What was that all about? My owner explained that a boar, at the end of breeding, will eject a very thick fluid, thicker than his semen, into the cervix of the gilt or sow.

That fluid has the consistency of a thick jelly and will seal the cervix хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs, if the breeding was properly done. That plug will take days to dissolve. Meanwhile, the semen keeps the sperm alive while the semen seek your ova. Since she had been injecting me хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs certain hormones and fertility drugs, I could have as many as 8 eggs ready for fertilization.

I was overcome by хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs. Of course it was. Do you know what we do with non-productive хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs I was bloated with his semen, the area below my belly button was bulging and felt so full it hurt.

She explained to me the cycle into which I was entering. I would be used for cross breeding various species of boars with the intention of producing offspring. Whatever breed produced the most and хуй выиграл олимпиаду blogs offspring with me would be the breed I would be bred with for the rest of my productive breeding life.

They will then be taken and sold at market.

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